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3 Ways to Stay Focused in a Tennis Match

Staying focused during a tennis match is crucial for success, yet it’s often easier said than done. Distractions can come in many forms – from past errors to future uncertainties, or even the pressure of the scoreline. Let’s explore three effective ways to maintain focus on the court, just like the pros. And remember, with ScoreGO, you can bring these tips (and the latest scores!) right to your pocket.

1. Focus on the Current Point, Not Past Mistakes or Future Outcomes

Every tennis player has been there: a missed easy shot or an unexpected error. These moments can linger in your mind, affecting your game. The key is to stay present. Take Rafael Nadal, for instance. His ability to focus on the current point, regardless of past mistakes, is exemplary. Nadal often says that the most important point in tennis is the current one. This mindset helps him stay engaged and avoid the trap of dwelling on what’s already happened or what might happen. For amateur players, this means consciously bringing your attention back to the here and now. Each point is a new opportunity.

2. Take Deep Breaths Between Points to Reset Your Focus

Breathing is a powerful tool for maintaining focus. Deep breathing between points is a simple yet effective way to reset and prepare for the next rally. Novak Djokovic, known for his mental toughness, often takes a moment between points to breathe deeply. This practice helps him stay calm and focused, especially in high-pressure situations. You too can incorporate this into your game. After a point, take a moment at the baseline, breathe deeply, and let go of the previous rally. This helps to center your thoughts and prepares you for the next point.

3. Concentrate on Your Playing Strategy, Not the Score

Getting caught up in the score can be detrimental. Focusing on your playing strategy, rather than the scoreboard, helps keep your mind in the game. Think about Serena Williams, renowned for her strategic play. Regardless of the score, she concentrates on her game plan, which allows her to stay focused and often turn matches around. The lesson here is to stick to your strategy. Whether you’re leading or trailing, keep your mind on your playing style, your strengths, and your game plan. This focus will help you stay in the moment and execute your shots more effectively.

Practice Mindfulness to Stay in the Moment

Mindfulness is increasingly popular among athletes for a good reason. It trains your mind to stay focused on the present, minimizing distractions. Practice mindfulness off the court to enhance your focus during matches. Simple exercises like mindful breathing or meditation can significantly improve your ability to stay present in high-stress situations.


Staying focused in tennis is about mastering the mental game. Focus on the current point, use deep breathing as a reset tool, and concentrate on your strategy, not the score. Remember, with ScoreGO, you have a companion that not only keeps you updated with scores but also brings you the best tips to enhance your game. Next time you’re on the court, keep these strategies in mind, and watch as your focus – and your game – improves significantly. 🎾

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See Tennis live scores, results, news, videos, statistics of ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF. Follow every live tennis match point by point.


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