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About Us

Let us tell you a little story…​

We are Julien and Juliane, a young couple who share a love for life and sports! Julien has been playing tennis for as far back as he can recall. There even was a time when he was on the brink of becoming a professional tennis player. Soon after the beginning of our relationship, he introduced me, Juliane, to the world of tennis.

As time went on, my love for tennis grew stronger. After spending many (okay, maybe a LOT) of training hours together on the tennis court, we even had the opportunity to attend tournaments as a double’s pair! And on some occasions, we even celebrated a few victories together. Of course, we were still miles away from pursuing a professional career, but that didn’t stop us from following the pros from the comfort of our living room. I would often ask Julien, “Hey, who do you think will win?” and then I would cheer for the opponent… just to make the entire tennis experience more thrilling.

For many years now, soccer has been the top sport in Germany. Over seven million Germans are affiliated with a soccer club. The Bundesliga draws in crowds of fans to the stadiums every week, evoking intense emotions. Additionally, joining money-free tipping games just for fun has gained popularity, spanning across families, soccer teams, company-departments, and school classes. Even those who aren’t particularly keen on the sport join in and take their chances. Both of us have participated in such tipping games as well, and occasionally, we’ve experienced considerable success! Throughout this time, a recurring question has come to our minds: How wonderful would it be to engage in a tipping game that not only offers excitement through the tipping itself but also involves a sport that genuinely interests us?

So we set out to find an app that would grant us this wish. Surprisingly, our search turned up empty-handed. While the traditional method of pen and paper works fine for simple tipping, keeping track of such a makeshift system throughout an entire tournament would demand not only great endurance but also much more!

Initially, it is crucial to have a complete overview of match schedules, statistics, and the winners of various matches. Consequently, we started another search! This time, our aim was to find an app that would offer us all the necessary information for our tipping game. Despite coming across a few tennis information apps, we were dissatisfied with the results. These apps were predominantly filled with excessive information, making them overcrowded and confusing to navigate.

The majority of the information provided was irrelevant to our tipping game, serving only as a distraction from the core details. Eventually, we came to the realization that what we were seeking simply didn’t exist yet. Furthermore, we faced another fundamental challenge: finding enough willing participants to join our tipping games. Our closest friends had various interests, but tennis certainly wasn’t one of them. However, we couldn’t help but think that if we were so passionate about it, there must be numerous other tennis enthusiasts out there. We were confident that they would prefer participating in tennis tipping games over soccer tipping games (perhaps they weren’t even aware of it themselves yet…). It’s possible that these enthusiasts are spread across the globe, eagerly waiting to be discovered… by us!

Thanks to ScoreGO, we no longer need to intentionally place tips against each other. Now we can connect with tennis enthusiasts from around the world and challenge them to see who has the most expertise!

Sounds exciting, right?

Therefore, it is important to emphasize once again: Emotions and human connections are not exclusive to soccer! 

While soccer tipping games are primarily localized within German cities, tennis is a transnational sport that fosters connections beyond national borders. 

The retirements of Serena Williams and Roger Federer (the GOAT!) in 2022 clearly demonstrated the immense emotions involved in this sport! 

Not just for the professionals themselves but also for tennis fans around the world. 

For us, the year 2022 will forever be marked by the departures of these two “greatest of all time” stars. But it was also the year when our idea to develop our own app was born. 

An app that aims to reach and connect tennis fans and enthusiasts worldwide, recognizing the global appeal and passion for this sport.

The birth of ScoreGO.

Together, we have developed the ScoreGO app. Our aim is to introduce money-free tipping games, which are already well-established for soccer and other sports, into the world of tennis. 

Our main focus is to provide enjoyment! It’s important to note that ScoreGO is not a sports betting app. Instead, it offers a platform for tennis fans to engage in free tipping contests, where they can compare their tipping skills in a fun and competitive manner. Within our app, users have the option to join existing official tipping games or create their own private games, catering to specific groups such as their own circle of tennis friends. 

At the end of the selected tournament, participants will be ranked, with one user sitting atop the leaderboard and another at the bottom. In addition to the tipping games, our app provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing tennis matches and tournaments. Users can access live tennis results, rankings, news, videos, and statistics from all the major professional tours, including ATP, WTA, ATP Challenger, and ITF. Our app offers precisely what tennis enthusiasts need, delivering all the essential information without overwhelming or distracting them from the core experience.

In fact, we won’t say much more than that – we invite you to see for yourself. We would be thrilled if you could give our app a try. If you enjoy it, we would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend ScoreGO to all your friends and fellow tennis enthusiasts you may know!

See Tennis live scores, results, news, videos, statistics of ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF. Follow every live tennis match point by point.
See Tennis live scores, results, news, videos, statistics of ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF. Follow every live tennis match point by point.
See Tennis live scores, results, news, videos, statistics of ATP, WTA, Challenger and ITF. Follow every live tennis match point by point.

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